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Storage systems for stencils

A well-organized storage system forms an essential part of a modern production facility. The advantages are evident: the required tool can be located in an instant and is kept in a protected place, which is of particular importance for metal stencils.


Christian Koenen GmbH storage systems prevent possible buckling of the stencils and protect them from contamination. There is also a lower risk of the operator being injured.

Stencil cabinet (full view)

Interior view – design with system panel (detail)

For storing stencils in the storage bag.


Interior view (detail)


Optimum stencil protection in the CK stencil packaging (cardboard) with metal handle, also available as an ESD version.


Metal handle can be added as preferred.

Technical information

  • Dimension with castors (W/H/D): 1050 mm x 1066 mm x 695 mm
  • Construction type: steel casing with 2 doors, lockable
  • Powder coating: RAL 7035 light grey
  • Surface structure: fine-grained
  • Model with bar: up to 75 stencils in CK stencil packaging
  • Model with system panel: up to 100 storage bags
  • ESD protection: rear bore for earthing screw

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