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VectorGuard™ mounting system

The VectorGuard™ mounting system is a four-sided spring-tension system. Stencils are changed over quickly and easily without the need to align holes or slits in the VectorGuard™ aluminum frame, guaranteeing extremely simple handling.

The stencil is placed in the self-mounting system and can be relied upon to remain tensioned by the spring system. The risk of injury due to sharp metal edges is minimized by the aluminum frame, while stencil stability is also increased.


Stencils for VectorGuard™ are available with material thicknesses from 100 µm up to 250 µm.



Technical information for the 23" x 23” VG 260 model

  • Outer dimensions: 584 mm x 584 mm
  • Stencil: 555.5 mm x 555.5 mm
  • Expansion option: Sidebar adapter kit


Technical information for the 29" x 23” VG 265 model

  • Outer dimensions: 736 mm x 584 mm
  • Stencil: 708 mm x 555.5 mm
  • Expansion option: Sidebar adapter kit

Detailed view of the VectorGuard spring-tension system

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