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Doing our bit for the environment

We are a future-oriented company, which is why environmental protection and sustainability also form part of our company vision. For us, adhering to statutory provisions and official requirements on environmental protection is a matter of course. By acting in a sustainable manner, we help preserve our earth's resources for future generations. We strive to reduce energy consumption throughout our entire company.


The environmental guidelines must be observed by members of staff at all our sites. The company calls on every employee to independently and actively carry out their work with environmental protection in mind; we are also happy to provide assistance and support where needed. All of the measures met are regularly reviewed and continually improved.


Our production processes are structured efficiently in order to keep energy consumption levels low. We check the environmental compatibility of new technologies before incorporating them in our company and we recycle production waste, packaging materials and any stencils which are no longer required separately.


We significantly reduce delivery times by storing frames according to customer, giving our customers the opportunity to keep hold of their used frames at no cost to them.


The used frames are prepared for renewed tensioning here. The frames we process are extremely durable and can be used multiple times. Our welding method keeps the use of chemicals and adhesives to a minimum.


We use high-quality raw materials to give our products a long service life. Our precision tools reduce the amount of waste for the customer and simplify production cycles, resulting in energy, material and working time savings. Our cleanteCK range of water-based cleaning products reduces the use of solvents and thus helps protect our oceans. Shipments are consolidated in one order to reduce energy consumption. We also offer environmentally friendly reusable packaging for our stencils.

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