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Christian Koenen Kft. celebrates five years in Hungary

Győr, Hungary – The jubilee year of the Koenen company. The parent company established in Ottobrunn, Germany, is celebrating its 15th birthday this year, but its Hungarian subsidiary also has reason for celebration. As the market leader in the production of precision stencils in the field of electronics, the company has been at the Győr site for five years now, from where it is able to satisfy the continuously increasing demand for its products in Southern and Eastern Europe. The site enables faster and safer transport, local support and better quality customer services. “Apart from the excellent infrastructure, the Hungarian site employs highly qualified staff, meaning that high quality and flexible production can be achieved with shorter transportation routes,” said Christian Wirtz, Managing Director of the Hungarian site.


Christian Koenen Kft. was established in Győr in 2013. The company was set up at the time as several electronics and car manufacturers had begun carrying out their manufacturing processes in Central and Eastern Europe and needed a local supplier. In the beginning, the company handled sales and dealt with CAD-based orders; local production was then able to commence in 2017 once the site had been significantly extended. The production facility currently covers a total area of 850 square meters and is fitted with state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and technology. The newest laser system, LPKF G6080, is used to produce precision stencils. Staff numbers at the site had doubled to twelve employees by 2017.


Quality and service has always been a top priority at Christian Koenen Kft. The subsidiary of Christian Koenen GmbH has a close relationship with the headquarters near Munich, Germany: amongst other things, the colleagues receive regular training and continuously exchange information about the processes and innovative technologies they use.

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