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Research & Development Laboratory

Did you know that well over twenty parameters can have an effect on your production line quality and performance during the stencil printing stage? The printing process can cause up to 65% of the defects that may emerge during electronic assembly production. A correctly configured layout combined with optimal release behavior is crucial for production as only a stable production line is cost-effective.


Christian Koenen GmbH opened its in-house R&D laboratory in 2008 – the Application Center. Our technical setup allows you to outsource any research and development work needed to improve your printing process. This will save you valuable production time as the performance of your production line is in no way affected.


The experts at Christian Koenen GmbH are also happy to provide you with in-depth process advice: we adapt your processes using your parameters and your materials. The constant development of our products gives you a long-term advantage over the competition.

Measuring circuit board topography

The graphic clearly shows the excess height of the vias, the solder resist and the positioning pressure.

Measuring Flex substrate unevenness

Unevenness of a connector slot (grid 0.4 mm)


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