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Measurement and test engineering

As the demands placed on stencil precision rise, so does component miniaturization and the mix of components on assemblies. The measurement and testing devices listed below help us ensure and control quality.

3D-coordinates measuring machine

This machine measures the positions and orientation of the apertures on the stencil fully automatically over an active measurement area of up to 700 mm x 700 mm.

Scan-check 1+

100% control: this scanning and measuring system compares apertures with their CAD data. Defective, missing or faulty breakthroughs are detected, as are measurement deviations, positional imprecisions and contaminations. The stencil will only undergo further production steps if the comparison result is 100%. 


Optical measuring microscope

Aperture sizes and geometries are measured at up to 1000× magnification.


Thickness tester

For measuring stencil and step thicknesses.


Measuring microscope

Pad sizes and geometries on the stencil are precisely measured using reference apertures. The same applies to the conical aperture angle of the breakthroughs (taper).


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