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CK Nanovate™ Nickel

CK Nanovate™ Nickel extends stencil service life


New, innovative stencil materials are essential when it comes to keeping up with miniaturization from a manufacturing engineering perspective. Over the past few years, more and more research and development has focused on stencil materials, with nickel coming out as a promising option. CK Nanovate™ Nickel is a proven product in the field of aeronautics.


Extensive tests were carried out in the Application Center to begin with. A number of customers are now already using the material and ongoing test phases are producing excellent results. Above all, finer grain sizes and enhanced laser cutting behavior make for excellent paste-release properties, leading to higher yields and lower costs. Sharper cutting edges on the PCB-side result in far better sealing of the print deposits. Stencil life is significantly prolonged due to improved hardness and ductility, while uneven boards do not risk bending the stencil.


The new high-tech stencil material CK Nanovate™ Nickel is suitable for specialist applications and is an excellent addition to our existing product portfolio.

CK Nanovate™ Nickel – outstanding material properties

  • More consistent printing performance
  • Improved paste release properties
  • Optimized printing depot sealing properties
  • Enhanced self-cleaning effect
  • Increased tool life
  • Shape retention in high runner applications
  • Increased process reliability

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