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PumpPrint stencils

PumpPrint™ stencils are used when printed circuit boards are populated in two separate work steps. A typical example is a board already populated with THT components which needs to be printed on again (e.g. adhesive printing).


Recesses are integrated into the PumpPrint stencil for the previously mounted components. PumpPrint stencils are made of solvent-resistant plastics. The SMD stencils can be used for perforated edge systems.

Technical information

  • Standard thicknesses: 2.0 mm / 2.5 mm / 3.0 mm
  • Other thicknesses: up to 10 mm on request
  • PumpPrint™ stencil options: ESD design

Flex stencils

Flex stencils are used for adhesive printing in cases when printing cannot be carried out using metal stencils due to chemical surface reactions. The stencils’ high flexibility facilitates an unusually high snap-off, meaning adhesive points can be up to twice as high. The material properties prevent the adhesive from forming threads. The printed medium is optimally shaped.

Technical information

  • Material thicknesses: 125 µm / 190 µm / 250 µm
  • Option: mounting possible in numerous mounting systems

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