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Rework SMD stencils

Rework stencils are used to very specifically dip (immerse in flux or solder paste) or to precisely print components. A combination of both applications is also possible, for example where the ground plane of a component is printed and the angle pins are dipped.

Dip stencil

The depth of the cavity in the dip stencil determines the flux or paste height on the component. The dip medium is pushed into the cavity with a squeegee. The component is then dipped in the medium until the bottom of the cavity is reached.


When the component is lifted out, a reproducible amount of the dip medium remains on the surface of the component connections and is thus available for repair soldering.


This procedure is suitable for all BGA design sizes and for components with a sufficiently large height difference between the angle pins and component body.

Rework stencil for QFN printing

The component is positioned for aperture layout using the step.

Filling the cavity with flux

Alternatively, solder paste can be used. The cavity depth determines the dip height.

Dip&Print station, dipping, ERSA PL650A placement system

BGA lifted out after dipping (embossments in backlight)

Dip&Print station, dipping, flux gel on BGA225 balls

ERSASCOPE image, div. focus combined with ImageDoc FocusFusion


Dip&Print station, dipping, flux gel

Flux gel on BGA225 ball (ERSASCOPE image)

Dip&Print station, dipping, dip solder paste in dip stencil after dipping

Dip&Print station, dipping, dip solder paste 

Deposit on BGA225 balls, div. focus combined with ImageDoc FocusFusion

Dip&Print station, dipping, dip solder paste, deposit on BGA225 ball



0.5 mm pitch, dipped in dip solder paste

Print stencil

Components without angle pins, e.g. QFN or MLF components, can be directly printed with a component-specific rework stencil. BGAs or the ground planes of QFP components can also be directly printed.


The device holds the component and the stencil, making handling easier.

Dip&Print station, printing, MLF32 with pressure pad

Dip&Print station, printing, MLF32 printed with mini-squeegee

Dip&Print station, printing, ERSA PL650A placement system, MLF32 picking

Dip&Print station, MLF32 with paste print, from below

ERSA PL650A placement system

Stencils for printing circuit boards

Component and product-specific stencils enable slots for the component to be directly printed on the circuit board.

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