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SMD stencils for self-mounting systems

Mounting systems and perforated edges


Stencils for self-mounting systems are characterized by the various types of mounting systems and perforated edges. The self-mounting system replaces the fixed frame.


Uniform tension is generated pneumatically or mechanically. Self-mounting systems are an inexpensive and space-saving alternative to stencils in fixed frames for stencil thicknesses > 100 µm.


Christian Koenen GmbH is licensed to produce all commercial perforated edge and mounting systems. The perforated edges are cut in one go based on the data. Thanks to this technology, the manufactured SMD stencils are precisely positioned and free of angular offset.

Available perforated edges and mounting systems

  • Alpha Tetra* 
  • EKRA
  • Essemtec 
  • Metz
  • QuattroFlex
  • Stencilman
  • VectorGuard* 
  • VectorMount*
  • ZelFlex 
  • TetraBond

*subject to licensing charges

Edge protection for perforated edge systems

Edge protection is also available for metal stencils with perforated edge systems. The stencil edges are folded over using a special technology.

Perforated edge system with edge protection

Perforated edge system without edge protection


  • Danger of injury from sharp-edged stencil edges is minimized
  • The folded edges lie flat
  • Stencil stability is increased
  • Damage to storage bags is reduced

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