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SMD stencils in fixed frames

SMD stencils in fixed frames are welded into a special stainless steel fabric, resulting in a highly stable stencil that will not buckle. These stencils therefore come especially recommended for material thicknesses of < 100 µm and for fine pitch ranges.



The frames are covered with high-quality fabric. An elastic elongation reserve is already taken into account for the later printing process when tensioning the fabric on the profile frame. The aim is to achieve an even load distribution and prevent the material from over-stretching.


The special adhesive processes developed by Christian Koenen GmbH make it possible to mount the frame as often as required without forfeiting quality.


Welding method

A special process is used to weld the precision stencils into the tensioned stainless steel fabric. The fabric is cut out in the stencil area. 


The outer fabric can be coated with screen filler if required.


  • All cleaning agents can be used (the stencils remain optimally tensioned even if they are cleaned with hot, aqueous-alkaline cleaning media in an ultrasonic cleaning system).
  • Higher durability and longer service life compared to glued-in stencils.
  • Printing area increased by > 20 mm and more space for squeegee approach and overflow.

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