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Stepped stencils keep a firm grip on the SMD welding paste

Stepped stencils have become increasingly important in electronic assembly production. They are used whenever the applied paste quantity can no longer be adequately regulated by modifying the apertures.


Another area of application comes in the compensation of height differences on the board surface, which can result e.g. from labels or excessively high via-hole pluggings. Height differences are compensated for by recesses on the underside of the SMD stencil, preventing unintended snap-off and subsequent print smearing.

Micrograph of a step

The smooth transition between the steps is crucial, as this stops the paste from becoming deposited and hardening.


In the downstream production process, steps with "sharp edges" may lead to hardened paste residues being drawn in and clogging neighboring apertures.

Added value

  • Increased printing process window for wide component spectrum
  • Steps on front and back side possible
  • Patented production process

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