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SMD stencils – maximum precision for semiconductor and hybrid technologies

Special stencils for printing on various media in the semiconductor and hybrid field are markedly more demanding in terms of precision, performance and release behavior.


The special SMD stencils for wafer and LTCC applications are characterized by an extremely low base material thickness and a large number of densely clustered, very small apertures. The surface volume in these applications is reduced by up to 70% due to the higher density of the apertures.

Technical information

  • Stainless steel thickness: from 20 µm
  • Max. printing format: 720 mm x 615 mm
  • Max. stencil size: 850 mm x 620 mm
  • Smallest realizable structure: 20 µm



  • Highly precise apertures
  • Uniform material thickness
  • Even material surface
  • Apertures free of burrs and residues

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